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Case study

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Comparative Case Study Research

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Rethinking Case Study Research

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Undergraduate Political Science Courses. The second number in a Political Science course designates its area (see chart) and guides a concentration in Canadian Government or Global Studies. Registration may be initially reserved for students who have declared a Political Science Honours, Major or Minor.

Navigation. Teaching and Learning with Mobile Technology: A Qualitative Explorative Study about the Introduction of Tablet Devices in Secondary Education.

Case Studies and Management Resources

Methods. We used a multiple case study method with cross-case synthesis. Over eighteen months during a series of informal and formal interactions (focused meetings and conference presentations) we documented key characteristics of programs and drew on secondary document sources.

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of case study method in research becomes more prominent when issues with regard to education (Gulsecen & Kubat, ), sociology (Grassel & Schirmer, ) and community- based problems (Johnson, ), such as poverty, unemployment, drug addiction, illiteracy. The purpose of this mixed methods comparative case study was to more closely examine the work of early childhood coaches in action.

The three research questions.

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