Essay on education in the age of globalisation

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The most recent wave of globalisation, which began in the s, is being driven by the knowledge economy and, in turn, this knowledge economy is being facilitated by globalisation. Without education, the knowledge economy collapses.

So anyone talking about globalisation is also talking about the knowledge economy and education. First, globalisation. Education besides has a positive influence on security (bar of high-risk and delinquent behavior), societal committedness, civil duty and the quality of democratic determinations.

Research progressively points to the function of instruction in the development of societal capital. Secrecy and community in contemporary narrative in English University of Granada, Spain, October Deadline for proposals: 1 May Organized by the Research Project “Secrecy and Community in Contemporary Narrative in English”.

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Essay on education in the age of globalisation
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Essays education of in the globalization age